Can I Drive with a Bad Transmission?

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The Signs & Dangers of Driving with a Faulty Transmission

Do you suspect your transmission is going bad? There are certain signs to look for when this happens, with the most apparent being the transmission slipping. When your transmission turns faulty, it can be dangerous to drive. This blog will cover the signs of a bad transmission and why you should avoid driving your vehicle until the transmission can be replaced.

Signs Your Transmission is Going Bad

The first sign you may notice is your vehicle is not switching gears smoothly. Sometimes, the transmission will not stay in gear or will not engage. You may have noticed a fluid leaking from under the hood. That would be the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid level can be checked by running the vehicle for a few minutes and then removing the dipstick. If the fluid level is low or a dark color, this is not a good sign. You may also encounter a burning smell or hear buzzing, clinking, or a humming noise. Finally, your vehicle may actually lose power. These are all signs that your transmission may be faulty. Your trusty mechanic should be contacted immediately.

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The Dangers of Driving with a Bad Transmission
Odds are it will take a few days before you can have your transmission checked by a mechanic. During that time you should avoid driving your vehicle. This is due to the dangers that come with an unpredictable transmission. If there have been issues with the gears not engaging or slipping, this can cause the vehicle to unexpectedly start shaking when driving. If you are operating your vehicle at a high speed, this can be quite dangerous. The vehicle could also quickly shift into another gear, which could cause it to lurch forward and hit another vehicle or steer you off the roadway.

Where Can I Get My Transmission Serviced?

If you would like to have your transmission serviced by a dealership you can trust, stop by Boucher Nissan of Waukesha. Our trained technicians can work on every make and model vehicle, even if you did not purchase the vehicle directly from us. For more information or to book an appointment, click here.

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