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What is the Best Color Vehicle to Buy?

Should I Avoid Certain Car Colors?

When shopping for a vehicle there are many aspects to consider. From making sure the vehicle is reliable and efficient to ensuring it is the perfect size, there is much to think about. The easiest part should be deciding which exterior color to choose. While this may be as simple as picking your favorite color, there are some colors you may want to avoid. The color of your vehicle can sometimes play a role in safety, appearance, and more. This blog will go over some of the different color options and what those colors mean.

Which Color Car is Safest?

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If you are looking for safety, you may want to lean toward a white-colored vehicle. A white vehicle is easily spotted amongst a crowd. This means if you are making a turn, going through an intersection, or passing someone, odds are they will notice your vehicle. The least safe vehicle color is black. The darkness of the vehicle means that some people do not notice it when it is in their blind spot or if the vehicle is turning in front of them. A brighter color would be optimal for safety.

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Which Car Color Gets Pulled Over More?

Believe it or not, but a white vehicle gets pulled over more, with red, gray, and silver right behind it. Again, this is due to the visibility of the vehicle. If a white car is speeding or performing an illegal action, it is more noticeable than a darker vehicle.

Which Car Color Tends to Look the Least Dirty?

If you are someone that likes their vehicle to look its best, you are not alone. The best color for this would be gray or silver. Scratches and dirt are not as apparent on these lighter colored vehicles. Mud is more obvious on white cars, and water marks and scratches are more noticeable on darker-colored vehicles.

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Which Car Color Should I Choose?

Ultimately, you should choose the car color that will make you the happiest. While certain colors bring a higher level of safety and can hide scratches, there is more to it. The color of your vehicle should be the color you want. Take these ideas into consideration, do some research, and trust your gut when you pick an exterior color.

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