A smartphone with a car hovering above it with three blue lines and two hands visible

What Services are Provided on NissanConnect?

Learn How to Use NissanConnect

Are you the proud owner of a Nissan vehicle but are unsure how to use the NissanConnect system? You are not alone. There are many helpful features available through NissanConnect. From starting your vehicle from the comfort of your home to roadside assistance, there are quite a few perks. This blog features a video that goes over the array of features that could be available to you with the click of a button.

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A red car with a large red question mark next to it

What is the Best Color Vehicle to Buy?

Should I Avoid Certain Car Colors?

When shopping for a vehicle there are many aspects to consider. From making sure the vehicle is reliable and efficient to ensuring it is the perfect size, there is much to think about. The easiest part should be deciding which exterior color to choose. While this may be as simple as picking your favorite color, there are some colors you may want to avoid. The color of your vehicle can sometimes play a role in safety, appearance, and more. This blog will go over some of the different color options and what those colors mean.

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Transmission fluid dripping from beneath a car

Can I Drive with a Bad Transmission?

The Signs & Dangers of Driving with a Faulty Transmission

Do you suspect your transmission is going bad? There are certain signs to look for when this happens, with the most apparent being the transmission slipping. When your transmission turns faulty, it can be dangerous to drive. This blog will cover the signs of a bad transmission and why you should avoid driving your vehicle until the transmission can be replaced.

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