What Should You Expect from Your Differential?

If you're new to vehicle ownership, or you just never had a problem with it in the past, then you might not have heard of a differential. Although it's a lesser-known component of your vehicle than the engine and the wheels, it's just as important.

So what, exactly, is a differential? It's a gearbox that transfers the power from your engine to your wheels. Without the wheel, your car can't move. Without an engine, your car can't move. Similarly, without a differential, your car can't move. If your differential is malfunctioning, you might also experience problems with handling. In order to keep your differential running smoothly, it must be properly lubricated.

If you're having problems with the handling of your vehicle, or if you just want to make sure that your differential is being properly maintained and lubricated, come to the service center at Boucher Nissan of Waukesha, and we'll be happy to take a look at your vehicle and advise you.

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