Three Ways Nissan Safety Shield Keeps Drivers Safe

Driving in a new Nissan model armed with Nissan Safety Shield, you will feel safe wherever you go because you have a whole suite of safety technologies working to keep you safe. This platform was designed specifically to focus on three factors. They are the following:


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Monitor — The Nissan Safety Shield is comprised of many advanced features that help drivers like you keep an eye not only on your surroundings but your vehicle's condition. It will alert you when your tires are underinflated, when it detects fatigue, and other issues so you can address them and stay safe.

Respond — Sometimes driver input alone is not enough to mitigate an accident. As such, the Nissan Safety Shield also comes with technologies that reinforce performance. From sharp maneuvers to immediate braking, you will find that your new Nissan model responds much faster.

Protect — You can also rest easy knowing that Nissan Safety Shield shelters you in the event of a collision. Thanks to Zone Body construction, your vehicle will absorb impact forces and deflect it away from the occupant chamber to ensure you and your love ones are guarded against harm.

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