Why You Need to Rotate the Tires of Your Car from Time to Time

From the engine to the body and lots of other parts, your car is in great shape, right? But there is an element of car maintenance you might not have given much thought - tire rotation. What is it and why is it necessary anyway? Let's break it down for you.

How to rotate

Tire rotation means exchanging the tires on your vehicle from one wheel to another. That means you can move the back tires to the front or the left to the right and vice-versa. But why is it necessary?

Why rotate tires?

Since tires tend to wear out in an even manner, rotating them ensures more extended usage without making an overall replacement of the tires too soon. While doing a tire rotation, remove each tire and wheel and shift it a different position. Before fixing the tires check the brakes since it’s easy to reach them.

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