Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Heat of Summer at Boucher Nissan of Waukesha

Every season brings its own set of car-care challenges, but there are things you can do to make sure your vehicle is ready for the heat of summer so it performs optimally. To begin with, you should definitely check your air pressure and make sure you've removed your winter tires. Properly inflated tires ensure your safety, and an improperly filled tire is more likely to overheat and cause a dangerous blowout. Snow tires are important in the winter, but they wear out much faster in the warm weather and don't offer any benefit in the summer. You'll want to check your A/C system to ensure it's in proper working order, so you don't end up stranded in the heat! Wiper fluid and wiper blades should also be checked for summer since you'll need it in case of summer rain or to clean the bugs off after a summer road trip. Grime, salt, and debris can build up on your vehicle in the winter months and can cause damage to your paint finish. Take the time before summer is in full swing to wash and wax your vehicle so that you remove any winter residue and protect the finish. Last but not least, take a look under the hood and make sure that everything is in top running condition; check your battery and oil levels, and perform any routine maintenance that you may have put off during the cold, dark months of winter. Taking these few steps can ensure your vehicle offers you many seasons of top running condition; if you have questions, call or stop by the Boucher Nissan of Waukesha service department and let your factory-trained technicians help you get your vehicle ready for summer.
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