Heading Out for Your Upcoming Road Trip

Now that the travel season is again here, it might be time to plan your trip in advance so that you are not stuck and wind up missing the fun with family and friends. Here are a few precautions you can take that will help you to make it safely to your final destination:

Planning for emergencies before they actually occur can help reduce the time you are stranded on the side of the highway. Keep a box in the truck with a gallon of engine coolant, some duct tape to patch leaking hoses, and a gas can in case you need to have someone get you fuel. Take time before you leave to make certain the spare tire is in good working order. If yes, then check that you have a working jack and that you have all the tools needed to get the tires off and back on.

Come stop by Boucher Nissan of Waukesha, and our team will inspect every inch of your vehicle to ensure it is ready for the long drive.

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